Chapter Two: Literature Review

Chapter 2: Literature review In this chapter, you synthesize (note: not summarize and describe, but instead synthesize) the current state of the research related to your study. You argue that your study is essential to this current body of literature.
Related Research Thematically Organized In this section, you present 4-5 key areas of empirical research that are relevant to your study. See the following video for a demonstration of how to use ERIC to locate empirical research rather than theoretical or descriptive works.These should demonstrate how the study you are doing is situated within existing literature. Will your study attempt to refute existing research? Will it attempt to fill a gap in the current research? Will it attempt to move a current line of research forward?
Conceptual or Theoretical Framework(s) A conceptual framework is a description of 4-5 concepts in the literature that are critical background to set the stage for your study.A theoretical framework is an existing theory that will guide your study.In quantitative research, the theoretical framework helps to identify the dependent and independent variables and to determine the relationship between them that is to be tested. 

In qualitative research, the theoretical framework helps to guide the study design and the interpretation of data.