My first time teaching online

was ages ago. Nearly a decade. Wow. But I recall my decision-making process fairly well….well, at least I think I.

I’ve created a brief overview of the experience, which I’ve presented by way of slideshare, as follows:

Reflections on the experience of creating the slideshare:

I found it fairly easy to upload my powerpoint, but I wanted to use music instead of me talking as the audio. That I found to be fairly difficult to do! In fact, I had to have help to figure out how to upload an mp3 (thanks Ted!).

Also, if I ever try this again, I will need to do much, much better with the timing. I either need many more slides or a much shorter music track!

5 thoughts on “My first time teaching online

    • Hi Rachele,
      Thanks so much! You are very kind! I appreciate your taking the time to watch it!

  1. This Slideshare was great. It was fun seeing the stages of your first experience teaching online. The music was a great idea, in my opinion. I have been reading a lot about music and how it affects the brain and learning and the such. I have been thinking about how I could use music to make things more enjoyable and memorable in online classes and this Slideshare gave me some ideas. Thanks for the great post.

    • Hi Laura,
      Thanks much! Wish I’d had a little more time with it! Am behind as it is, though, so I did what I could. You are always so kind!

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