Personal Learning Networks: Who to “follow”

I’m all about PLNs this week and will be for the coming few. I’m participating in Pedagogy First, and Week 22 of the program is focused on Personal Learning Networks…our assignment is to post something related to this topic. What to say, what to say?  I’m not sure….

As luck would have it, though, the semester is drawing to a close for me at UA, as is a class I’m currently teaching, and an interesting topic came up at a class session this past Saturday. The course is AHE 603: College and University Teaching, and students are working on their last assignment, which just so happens to be a plan for professional development that includes, you guessed it, a diagram or outline of their personal learning networks going forward from the class. So we spent some time on the topic of PLNs.

Several of the folks enrolled in the class have interests in technology, and on Saturday (our last onsite session incidentally), we discussed twitter’s potential in a PLN.  I mentioned that there are some amazing folks out there who are doing cool ed tech stuff and suggested that these folks would be great to follow. And, of course, the students asked me for my list.

Problem is, I don’t have a list of ed tech people to follow on twitter!  While I think twitter has great potential in theory, in practice, I’m not so good at it myself. I do have an account (@ClaireHMajor, for the curious amongst you). I’m following a few people (fewer than 20, I’m sure), and I may now have up to 5 people following me! Mostly I tweet about not tweeting (I know, I’m a goof, but you gotta start somewhere, right?).  That’s about where I am on the whole “twitter thing.”

So, I don’t have a list of cool ed tech folks to follow on twitter. And given my poor twitter practices thus far, I reckon that it’s fairly brazen of me to even think of recommending a list of folks to follow. Still… the students asked, and I do the best I can for them, so I decided to at least try.

I decided to start with existing lists of ed tech folks to follow on twitter, and actually I found quite a few. I didn’t recognize many of the people, however, so given that it’s a _personal_ learning network that I’m trying to construct, and to help students develop, I didn’t think that would fly. Ted Major (@tidmarshm), who is by far and away the best twitterer in our household, recommended several ed tech folks to check out a while back when I was doing some research and writing in this area–many of these folks actually agreed to make contributions to my project  (hope to finish the project up soon! stay tuned)–these folks were an excellent starting place for the list. I’ve also run across several interesting folks doing research on online learning, so I added them to my list as well.

So here’s my initial list, brilliantly organized alphabetically by first name ;-),

  • Alan Levine @cogdog
  • Alec Couros @courosa
  • Audrey Watters @audreywatters
  • Bonnie Stewart @bonstewart
  • Bryan Alexander  @BryanAlexander
  • Charlie Miller @design2research
  • Cris Crissman @Cris2B
  • D’Arcy Norman @dlnorman
  • Dave Cormier @davecormier
  • Gardner Campbell @GardnerCampbell
  • George Siemens @gsiemens
  • George Veletsianos @veletsianos
  • Giulia Forsythe @guiliaforsythe
  • Howard Rheingold @hrheingold
  • Jim Groom @jimgroom
  • Lisa Lane @LisaMLane
  • Matthew Koehler @matthewkoehler
  • Norm Friesen @ipse33
  • Todd Conaway @todd_conaway
  • Wendy Drexler @WendyDrexler

So how’d I do to start? Who have I missed? Who would you recommend adding to this list?  Inquiring minds want to know! Seriously!

Edit:  Lisa Lane made the following excellent suggestions (thanks Lisa!):

  • Ira Socol ‏@irasocol,
  • Mike Wesch @mwesch,
  • Martin Weller @mweller
  • David Wiley @opencontent


12 thoughts on “Personal Learning Networks: Who to “follow”

  1. Claire — I’m following you on Twitter — and the silence is golden! It’s so refreshing to go to a Twitter page and there are NO tweets!!!! :-) Just kiddin of course — but I enjoyed your comments about Twitter. I have such mixed feelings about it all….tweeting, friending, following, commenting, sharing, liking, on and on and on. Thanks for a great post this week — and sharing your PLN!

    • Hi Ralene,
      Ha! Funny!
      I’m not sure about “the twitter” either, but I’m following you too..Haven’t decided whether to go all in or just stop altogether. We’ll see!

  2. This list may come in handy this summer. I plan to tackle the task of deepening my PLN with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. This is my plan, at least. If anyone has suggestions, I am all ears!

  3. Before you know it, too many will become more of a problem than too many. I know lists help and can see how, Organizing lists for four separate twitter accounts is still on my to-do list (speaking of lists) waiting my attention. I’ve been thinking about how to use with a combination of flollows and hashtags for different topics or areas.

    A lot depends on how you need to use the material. My research needs are topical and ongoing for blog content and curating projects. Neither community and adjunct issue blogging is, strictly speaking, teaching, although both have a strong continuing and just in time education aspects. To be honest, I’m still working on how and where they fit

    • Hi Vanessa,

      I have multiple to do lists! I need a to do list for my to do lists! May be counter productive come to think of it.

      I don’t know Will have to check it out!


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