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To start with the professional stuff, I’m a Professor of Education at The University of Alabama.  I teach in the Higher Education Program. Check out our program blog blog!  What our program does most of the time is to prepare individuals to enter or advance in administrative positions in institutions of higher education, although we also prepare students to assume roles as faculty in other higher education programs.

My primary subject area is college and university teaching, which I define broadly to include issues of faculty development, instructional approaches, educational technology, and teaching effectiveness, whatever that latter one might be. My primary research approach is qualitative, and I have just co-authored a methods book, Qualitative Research: The Essential Guide to Theory and Practice with my good colleague and friend Maggi Savin-Baden. You can find more information about the book in my blog post about it.

Here’s my CV, just in case anyone wants to know more about my professional life!

So social/online stuff.  I tweet here: https://twitter.com/ClaireHMajor. I don’t Facebook, but I am on Google+.

Finally, on to the personal stuff, I have a husband Ted, a son Christopher, and two cats, Spotty and Dottie (ok they are Christopher’s cats, but he is kind enough to share). Ted has a blog here, and I suspect you could see glimpses of said son and cats there. According to Ted, my hobby is writing books, so there’s that.

This blog is relatively new for me, and I’ll be updating it over the coming months. I hope to be able to provide useful information for people interested in teaching and learning, technology, and qualitative research.

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