Q: How many members of a committee do I need?

A: Five.  At least 3 members must be from the Higher Education Administration faculty, and at least one member must be outside of the Department of Educational Leadership, Technology, and Policy Studies

Q: How do I schedule a proposal?

When your chair has given his or her approval, typically you contact your committee members with several potential dates and times. You choose a date and time based upon their availability. You also book a room for the event; the program secretary (Donna Smith) can help you with this. You then notify the committee members about when and where the event will be held.

Q: What paperwork do I have to complete?

A: As soon as you have your committee membership determined, you complete and ask your members to sign and initial an appointment of committee form.  You next complete an application for candidacy form. We typically complete this form at the dissertation proposal meeting.  After a successful defense, you should ask your committee members to sign the dissertation acceptance form.

Q: Can I propose and defend my dissertation in the same semester?

A: No.

Q: Does IRB really take a month to complete?

A: Yes, sometimes longer depending on how many revisions you have to make and whether you have to complete the IRB process at your site as well.

 Q: What size font should I use?

A: The Graduate School has information about how you should format your dissertation, including information about acceptable fonts, margin widths, etc.  This information is available at the Graduate School Guide to Preparing the Dissertation.

Q: Where do I submit my final dissertation?

A: At the Proquest Submission Site for UA Students.