Pedagogy First 2013-2-14!

I’m excited about the start of a brand new academic year with Pedagogy First! I participated last year as a student, leading a group of students in a cohort, who I also happened to be teaching in the doctoral program in Higher Education at the University of Alabama. The whole teacher as co-learner thing taken to the extreme! Good times!

Indeed, I enjoyed my time with the Potcert people so much that Lisa, Jim, and Laura agreed to let me hang around this year as well, as a mentor (I think that’s the official term). I’m looking forward to meeting and working with everyone this year!

If you’d like to know more about me, I have an “about me” page, that I hope to update, along with my other pages, this year!

Interesting times

Hello everyone,

I’m Claire Major, professor of education at The University of Alabama. I am in a unique position this semester. I am teaching courses about technology and higher education as well as about distance learning programs in higher education (these are face-to-face courses in which we are broadly considering how these forces are changing higher education and vice versa), and I’m doing this while I also will be learning about teaching online with potcert!

The assignment to set up a blog has been an interesting one for me. I’ve had to think through issues such as who my intended audience is for my blog in general as well as what kinds of posts I might make for particular and perhaps multiple intended audiences. Doing so in turn has required me to think through issues such as what feed to send to Lisa, what categories I need to establish, and what I want to tag as what.

All of these activities make the writing feel somehow different to me than writing for a book or article. For the book or article, I would likely think of single intended audience, whereas for the blog, I’ve had to think about multiple audiences and how to structure things (the technology) so that I’m saying what I intend to say to whom I’m intending to say it. So writing so far feels to me more structured and more parcelled (and more technical). Yet at the same time, the audience for a book or article doesn’t necessarily (or likely) have a face, and I’ve seen many nice photos here of participants and their families, so I have a better sense of what part of the audience for my musings actually looks like; therefore, the writing seems in some ways more personal and more conversational. Interesting times.

Looking forward to more interesting times this year and to learning with and from all of you.